Minorca Walking Holidays: The Best Hiking Routes in Menorca

If you are looking for a walking holidays in Minorca, Menorca offers a multitude of possibilities for hiking and trekking lovers. Whether you like to hike along the coast or inland, Menorca has what you are looking for.

The greatest variety of excursions is for hikers who want to go on foot, but you can also explore the coast and inland by bike and even on horseback.

The walking and cycling tours are completely free and suitable for everyone. All you have to do is put on your sports equipment and start walking or cycling through the biosphere reserve.

These are the walking excursions that you can enjoy in Menorca, both in winter and summer.

Excursions along the Camí de Cavalls

The king holiday excursion in Minorca is the Camí de Cavalls (GR-223) walking route.

You have 20 itineraries to discover the 185 kilometres of Menorca’s coastline at your own pace and with no restrictions other than those imposed by your physical condition. If you are an experienced hiker and in good shape you can walk around Menorca in 7 days, but if not you can also do any of the sections in just a few hours.

  • Excursion to Savinar de Mongofra (8km, 2 hours): Excursion to reach a beautiful beach with stretches both along the coast and inland. If the weather is sunny, be well prepared and bring plenty of water, as the terrain is rough.
  • Excursion from Ciutadella to Cala en Brut (10km, 2,5 hours): “Excursion” along the promenade of Sa Farola, ideal for everyone on foot or by bike. Wide pavements, a two-way asphalted cycle path, viewpoints and benches, it has it all. If you get tired before reaching Cala en Brut you can always stay in Cala en Blanes, although it’s worth it to get to the end!
  • Section 2 of the Camí de Cavalls – Es Grau to Favàritx (17km, 6 hours): Another beautiful stage of the Camí de Cavalls through a sparsely inhabited area and ending at a lighthouse.
  • Section 6 of the Camí de Cavalls – Binimel-là to Els Alocs (18km, 6 hours): Section 6 of the Camí de Cavalls runs along 9 km of path between the beaches of Binimel-la and Cala Pilar. Starting from the beach of Binimel-la and passing Cala Pregondó, Cala Pregonda, Cala Barril and Cala Calderer, you will reach Cala Pilar at the end and enjoy spectacular scenery throughout the entire stage.
  • Section 7 of the Camí de Cavalls – Cala Pilar to Algaiarens – (18Km, 6 hours): The route between Cala Pilar and Algaiarens can be done on foot or by bike. It is a particularly easy section for cycling, especially from Macar d’Alfurinet onwards. One of the problems with this section is that Cala Pilar is not well communicated, so if you decide to do it you will have to rely on support from land, or do the round trip the same day (and for that you need about 6 hours).
  • Section 8 of the Camí de Cavalls – Algaiarens to Cala Morell (8Km, 4 hours): The route from Cala Morell to Algaiarens is a little-travelled route of the Camí de Cavalls, although it is possible to find Menorcans walking the path from the Ses Fontanelles jetty. The route can be done on foot (easy) or by mountain bike (difficult), although there are some parts of the path with many rocks that make it more difficult by bike, and the ascent and descent to Ses Fontanelles will make you get off your bike if you are not a machine.
  • Section 9 of the Camí de Cavalls – Cala Morell to Punta Nati (15Km, 5 hours): The route between Cala Morell and Punta Nati is another of my favourites on the north coast. Starting in Cala Morell you can always pay a visit to the magnificent Necropolis of Cala Morell before starting the 7km walk. This route of the Camí de Cavalls passes through terrain that is very hard hit by the Tramontana wind, the rocky landscape with hardly any tall vegetation is a constant feature. On sunny summer days and with no shade options this route can be quite a tough but rewarding experience.
  • Section 10 Camí de Cavalls – Calespiques to Punta Nati (10.5km, 4.5 hours): A beautiful hike along the Camí de Cavalls in a totally deserted area. If you go in summer bring water and be prepared to suffer the sun and the north wind. If you go at sunset you will be able to see the sunset at the Punta Nati lighthouse, but then you have to return at night!
  • Section 14 Camí de Cavalls – Galdana to Santo Tomás (20km, 7 hours): Typical excursion along the Camí de Cavalls between two very touristy areas. If you do the round trip it is very tiring as it is 20km, but you can always take a bus or ask someone to pick you up.

Alternative Short Waling Excursion Minorca

It’s not all Camí de Cavalls in Menorca. There are excursions a bit more inland and others that take you to beautiful beaches, caves or castles. These are some of the possibilities:

  • Excursion on foot or by bike to Can Lluriach (3 km, 45 min): On the Camí de Tramuntana you can enter the Finca Lluriach and buy artisan cheeses and local products of high quality. I recommend doing the route by bike rather than on foot, especially if you go during the summer months. During the summer there are many cars on this road, as it is the access road to the famous beaches in the north of Es Mercadal (Pregonda, Cavalleria, etc).
  • Galdana to Macarella Viewpoints Route (5 Km, 1h 20 min): This route is easy and very busy all year round. In July and August it is very popular.
  • Excursion to the Pont den Gil (0,5 Km, 10 min): The Pont den Gil is a natural bridge suspended over the sea which can be reached on foot in less than 10 minutes. It is a very easy excursion to do on foot, and there are plenty of restaurants and leisure activities in the urbanisation of Los Delfines.

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