Menorca one of the most awesome Tourist destination

Menorca takes another step forward in its tourism projection by approving its membership of the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations, which aims to promote sustainable and accessible tourism, guaranteeing quality, effectiveness and efficiency for both tourists and residents. This is a long-term project that aims to promote a reference framework to consolidate the levels of development and competitiveness of the Spanish tourism model based on innovation, knowledge, technology and accessibility.



Menorca one of the most awesome Tourist destination

This is a model shared between the state, Balearic and island governments and represents a commitment to the tourism model applied in Menorca for years, based on sustainability and linked to the concept of Biosphere Reserve and which, now, thanks to the approval of the Tourism Sustainability Plan in ‘Menorca Biosphere Reserve-Tourism 0CO2’, is to be promoted.


Joining this network will allow Menorca to benefit from advice on European Union calls for proposals, presence and participation in fairs, national and international forums and training, among others, positioning the Balearic island as a pioneering territory in tourism management and sustainability.

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