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Stand up Paddle Surf (SUP), also known as Paddle Surf or paddle surfing, is a fun water sport that is gaining popularity year after year in many places along the coast of Menorca. SUP originates from Polynesia and consists of using a surfboard and paddle to glide through the water while standing on the board.

Paddle surfing strengthens the muscles of the trunk and exercises the balance, so it is a very complete sport and relatively easy to practice. Throughout 2012 and 2013 it has become very popular among all kinds of practitioners and is a sport suitable for all ages! On top of that, SUP allows you to stand, kneel or sit depending on how tired you are. The truth is that it is a cheap, ecological and affordable sport for everyone.
Where to SUP
If you go to Menorca and you want to try paddle surfing, the best thing to do is to go to the south coast, which is usually quieter and has more urban beaches from where you can go out:

These are some of the places you can paddle surf from:

Cala Galdana: Port and beach with easy access to the sea.
Cala en Porter: Very enclosed beach and immediately you find yourself on spectacular cliffs.
Son Xoriguer: Urban beach with many services and leisure activities.
On the other hand, if you are looking for spectacular scenery and a much more unspoilt coastline, it is best to head for the north coast of Menorca, although you will have to rent a board and take it with you in your car.
Renting Paddle Surf boards (with and without instructor)
There are different companies that rent boards and paddle by the hour. If what you want is a closed activity with an instructor, the standard price is around 30-35€ for the activity, which usually includes the material and a specialised instructor. If you want to go it alone with your paddle surf board, the usual price is around €10 per hour, with some offers of €15 for a 2 hour rental.

You can rent equipment or book courses/classes with Katayak in Fornells:

Book Paddle Surf Now (15€ – Free Cancellation up to 48 hours before): For only 15€ you get 1h 30min lesson with instructor and the board and equipment included. Then once you’ve mastered it you can try your hand at paddle surfing on your own.
Katayak Fornells:
Diacomplert: in Fornells (35€: 1 hour and a half with instructor)
Surf & Sail Menorca: in Son Xoriguer (10€: 1 hour, 18€: 2 hours)
Menorca by kayak: in Es Grau and Cala en Porter (10€: 1 hour, 18€: 2 hours, excursion: 35€)

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