Excursion experience in a Catamaran/Sailboat Menorca

Menorca offers a multitude of attractions. One of the most outstanding is the sea that bathes its coasts. From east to west and from north to south, on this island you can enjoy exclusive boat trips that we will reveal to you here.

So, if you are a lover of sea breezes, paradisiacal enclaves and escapes to the sea… Get ready to discover the 5 best excursions you can do by boat  in Minorca! Unforgettable coves, film-like snorkelling, crystal-clear waters and miles of beaches await you.

Sailing around Menorca
One of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the magic of Menorca is to book a sailing trip.

Sailing trips in Menorca offer an unforgettable experience on the island. Sailing in silence, while you let yourself be rocked by the waves, you will be able to discover coves that are only accessible by sea and some hidden corners. The routes are usually a surprise that is revealed at the last minute, as they vary depending on which way the wind is blowing.

The most common route usually goes as far as Cala Pilar, Cala Pregonda and Favaritx, as well as offering access to the most unexplored places on the island. When deciding between the different boat trips in Menorca, these are some of the most recommendable options

Menorca by sailboat from Fornells, full day tour.
If you prefer a shorter trip, the ideal option for the more romantic ones is to book a sailing trip in Menorca at sunset, so you can enjoy the magic of the island when it is enveloped by the most special light.

Sailing trip at sunset from Fornells
Boat trip in the north of Menorca
The coves in the north of Minorca have a very special character and their appearance is totally different from the rest of the island’s beaches.

The boat trip in the north of Menorca will take us from the bay of Fornells to the less explored areas. The steep cliffs of Cabo de Cavallería will delight us with the views of its lighthouse before we discover the beach of Cavallería, one of the best unspoilt beaches in Menorca, the pleasant Cala Mica, and the beautiful beach of Binimela.

Once we arrive at Cala Pregonda, one of the best beaches in Minorca, you will have free time to enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings and discover the world of light and colour hidden beneath its crystal clear waters.

Boat trip around the coves of the north from Fornells
If you prefer to sail with the wind, the ideal option is to book a catamaran trip around the north of Minorca, an option that will allow you to discover surprising corners that have hardly been explored.

Catamaran trip in the north of Menorca from Fornells

Half day catamaran trip Menorca

The route to be taken with the catamaran is decided by the Skipper every morning, depending on weather conditions, wind direction and intensity. The the starting point is from our home port in Fornells. With 3.5 hours of sailing ahead we could sail, for example, up to Cala Pregonda as the furthest point on the west. When heading to the east side of the island we could go up to Cala Mongofre.

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