Sailing in Menorca

Sailing in Menorca

Departing from the port of Mahón and heading to port, you will be heading towards the north coast of the island of Menorca. Here you will find beaches of reddish sand mixed with the typical slate stone that characterises this side of the island, together with crystalline seabeds full of fauna, flora, rock and sand.

Leaving the fortress of La Mola on your left and sailing for approximately 15 minutes, you will come to the first beach on the north coast, Sa Mesquida, a beach of coarse sand, not very large with rocks at the ends and another central one on the shore that divides it in two (nudist area on the right facing the sea). We recommend the Cap Roig restaurant for its fresh fish. This beach is frequented by more Menorcans than by tourists as it is the closest to the town of Mahón.

Sailing 5-10 minutes further we will find the Illa d’en Colom, (not visible rock at 100m from the North of the island) one of our recommendations for anchoring, in this area we can find several beaches, normally one of the best for anchoring your charter yacht (for its tranquillity) is the one in front of the island d’en Colom.

Continuing north we find the Arenal d’en Castell, (look at the navigation charts, extreme caution with rocks that are not visible at the entrance to the beach) an entrance to a spectacular beach, very closed and sheltered from the winds with a crystalline bottom worthy of a magazine. The beach is usually full of tourists, although anchoring about 100m from the beach will give you the peace and quiet you need to enjoy the spectacular views that this place has to offer.

Pudent Cove
This will be the first cove we come across on our way, half of the cove has a rocky bottom ideal for snorkelling, the other half has a beautiful turquoise blue sandy bottom, it is a barely commercialised place ideal for anchoring.

Practically reaching the northern half of the island we find the sheltered Mongofre, a small beach only accessible to sailors. Very quiet and surrounded by dunes and pine trees.

For us it is the ideal beach to spend a weekend aboard a Llaut Menorquin.

The second biggest harbour of Menorca, a recommended place to hire one of the bollas that the harbour offers and enjoy a good lobster stew in the restaurant cranc pelut or in one of the best grills of the island, which is Ca Na Marga. It is also an alternative to spend the night in the shelter of the harbour.

A beach with a special charm divided by a “llosa”, quiet and with the usual characteristics of one of Menorca’s virgin beaches. It is famous for the clays at one end of the beach where people use it for natural peeling.

Pregonda cove,

One of the jewels of the north of the island of Menorca. It is highly valued by visitors to Menorca, located 1 hour sailing from the port of Mahon in a northerly direction, you will find this sandy beach with red tones and crystal clear waters.

Cover of Mike Oldfield’s albums and with presence in the Estrella Damm advertisements of 2010. An almost obligatory visit!

Pilar Cove
This is an unspoilt beach in the north of Menorca. It is a beach that is difficult to access on foot and is located between Ferreries and Ciutadella. The sand of Cala Pilar, as in most of the north, is golden and reddish in colour. The water is transparent and crystal clear.

Carbo cove
Cala Carbó is a small beach surrounded by an abrupt landscape that makes it a quiet place where the sea remains calm. Pebbles accumulate on its shores.

Cala Carbó is a beach where it is possible to enjoy the tranquillity produced by the sound of the sea as it does not have too many visitors. Despite being a rather small beach, it has two restaurants.

The sand on the beaches of La Vall is white and fine, which is quite unusual in comparison with the beaches in the north of Menorca, which tend to have coarser, darker sand.

Like many of Menorca’s beaches, the sunset in the cove is very beautiful even if it is not directly over the sea, and the beach empties of people at sunset. If you visit it on a day when the wind is blowing from the south, the sea will be quite calm and it will look like a swimming pool.

Morell Cove
Cala Morell is a small cove in the north of Menorca. The cove is 80 metres long and about 50 metres wide and is surrounded by cliffs with peculiarly shaped rocks, giving it a special attraction from a scenic point of view.

Morts Cove
Cales Morts or Cala en Morts is nine kilometres from Ciutadella, located between the points of Cala Morts and d’es Single. It is not classified as a beach and therefore lacks surveillance, services and buoyage.

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